Je songe à créer une rubrique spéciale tant le sujet prend de l'importance en Chine actuellement.. je parles des défouloirs, ces endroits où l'on paye pour battre quelqu'un, lui flanquer une raclée, le laminer à coups de lattes bien sentis, où le personnel sert de pushing ball humain...Lu aujourd'hui dans le China Daily :

"A company in Shandong Province offers female customers a chance to vent their anger by beating "human sandbags" flesh-and-blood men who act as punching bags.

Yet customers have turned a cold shoulder to the business, which has been open for three months.

The company's manager noted that all these "human sandbags" are men who have rich experience in fighting and the attacks from female customers would not be too much on their well-trained bodies.

However, the majority of women calling the company to inquire about the business expressed that the service seemed too violent for them."

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Les femmes sont trop sensibles, çà les perdra.


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